Sunlit Arizona 


When a leading semiconductor chemical supplier from Taiwan planned to break ground on its first manufacturing facility in the U.S., it turned to The Barnhart Co. for help. In addition to ensuring every detail of the ceremony went off without a hitch, our team liaised with the Governor’s Office and the Arizona Commerce Authority to coordinate attendance of key city and state leaders and secure media coverage for this significant industry and trade event.

The Barnhart Co. worked in partnership with project lead Brycon Construction to bring the multiple moving parts of the event, international attendees and local dignitaries together for this memorable, high-profile experience.

What We Did

Holding a groundbreaking ceremony on a 900,000 square foot project located on 17 acres of property isn’t as simple as grabbing a few shovels and hardhats. The Barnhart Co. used its expertise and experience to create a memorable morning for all involved.

Incorporating Client Branding

We set up the official groundbreaking site to one side of the presentation tent. In addition to the large, new excavator, the contractor placed a pile of clean fill dirt, into which we set 10 shovels with the blades spray painted gold. This small detail gave these important visuals a pop of contrast to the brown tones of the land and created a unity of yellow hues with the equipment and backdrop. Behind that we set up a graphic backdrop using artwork that Sunlit had created especially for the event program and invitations. A smaller company logo was attached to the excavator treads using bungee cord.

Attention To Detail

Inside the tent we centered the stage risers with video monitors placed on either side that played a welcome message from the company president in Taiwan. The Brycon trailer served a purpose beyond branding. A third-party AV company powered the monitors, podium and sound system with an electrical generator placed behind the trailer where its noise wouldn’t be as noticeable.

Both the stage and seating for 50 were placed on a green AstroTurf carpet. The podium was set in the middle of the stage and framed on either side by large floral arrangements. These little touches transformed the open lot into a welcoming, intimate space.

The Photographer’s Eye

As former journalists, photographers and videographers, we know it all boils down to the shot. Once the speeches were complete, we had the client, governor and other officials gather in front of the groundbreaking banner for the shovel ceremony. With local, national and international media outlets in attendance, we wanted to ensure everyone captured the best shots of the moment. We had the media line up across from the banner to photograph and videotape several shovels of dirt being dug from the dirt pile. We also included a step ladder for those who wanted to get photos of the shovel ceremony from a higher angle.